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Your Solar Questions Answered

With so many solar providers out there, it can be hard to know who to trust with your investment. You’re probably asking yourself a bunch of questions.

Well, we have some answers for you…


Who Can I Trust?

You can’t trust everyone – look for a well-established and trusted solar provider like Solahart.

Solahart have been around for 70 years and we’re here to stay. Our quality systems and service are what make us the number 1 choice for your solar needs. In fact, we’ve been voted by customers as the Canstar Blue 2023 Most Satisfied Customers Solar Installer!


Are The Returns Real?

Yes, you really can minimise, even eliminate your energy bill with solar; BUT you need the right system for your individual needs to do it.

As the energy landscape changes, you need a company that is up-to-date and able to meet your growing needs.


Where Do I Start?

The best place to start is with your Free on-site solar assessment. This is where you will discover which products to invest in, savings your potential, and how to reach your goals.

You can complete our Free solar saving calculator and/or book your on-site solar assessment with us today. It’s simple, easy and obligation free.


The Finnegans are big Solahart supporters. Since installing Solahart Solar Hot Water and Solar Power, they’ve cut their electricity bills by 75%. They’re also proud and happy to be contributing to a greener planet.

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Solahart solar pv system with solar panels from top solar panel manufacturers

Real People. Real Installations. Real Savings.

“Have not had to pay a bill since installation. Every bill has been in credit. Currently in credit to approx $860“
– Max, Installed January 2019

Solar Price Guide

Smart Aussies like Max know they can count on the sun as an abundant energy source to:

  • SAVE on energy bills
  • FUTURE-PROOF their homes, and
  • REDUCE their dependence on the grid.

Going solar is easier than ever with our affordable rates and a whopping 60 MONTHS INTEREST-FREE!*

Talk to one of our solar experts to ensure you get our best deal on solar for your home.

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Silhouette Solar Panels | SolarEdge Inverters

Not sure what solar system is right for your home?

We make achieving your solar energy goals simple, so you can be free to focus on life’s other joys.

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